Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy's stated aims 

  • to restore African confidence by uniting tribes through instilling brotherhood, sisterhood spirit, pride and dignity 
  • to promote respect and understanding through the celebration of music and dance
  • preservation and development of culturally based arts and practices while decampaigning harmful cultural norms like female genital mutilation e.t.c.

We are aiming at building our own stage and school. 

Dance is the most intrinsic means of self-expression when we pour out our most sincere emotions. Sosolya has a varied repertoire which carries the meanings and philosophies of life. They are the means from which knowledge is only accessed by participation. That is why Sosolya never separate the audience from the artist. 

 Those who dance together, eat together. 

If all human beings always danced together, the colossal budgets for weapons and warfare would be re-channeled to improving the quality of human life. And Sosolya's versatile artists celebrate human happiness through a seemingly endless repertoire of dances that they ebulliently execute using different parts of the body, such as: stamping dances, hip dances, arm dances and abdominal dances.

Sosolya dance academy was officially initiated into Undugu Family in 2009. Undugu is a swahili word that means familyhood, Brotherhood or Sisterhood. It was founded by a Tanzanian Cathlic Jesuit Priest Fr. Steven Amani Msele. Undugu family is a movement for unity of all people of all tribes, churches and all relligions for the sake of sustainable peace, prosperity and joyfull humanity .

Sosolya is an African bird. It's a peaceful and beautiful bird found in Uganda. Just like this bird, Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy aims at creating a genuine and fresh smile on the lips of everyone - without discrimination of any sort.